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Overcome depression ecourse


Learn powerful techniques to overcome depression through neuroscience, mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise.


Tips and guidance for depression recovery on YouTube!

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The latest articles and research on depression, nutrition, mindfulness, and exercise for recovery.

“Lauren gave me the opportunity to not only recognize my stress and depression, but also gave me the tools to fight back. The knowledge about depression and how it affects people was so powerful; it made me realize that it’s truly okay to feel the way I do, and it IS possible to feel whole and happy once more.

Overall, I’d recommend this course to EVERYONE!”

Nikki L.

Wisconsin, USA

I love the practical approach that Lauren takes to recovery. What she teaches is actionable, clear, and so useful. It has been so powerful to learn that there is someone who understands what I’m going through and can help me improve.

Jacqueline E.

Lethbridge, Canada

“So much of what I learned from you really changed my life. But especially those breathing exercises. I can finally fall asleep so well with no problem. It is truly amazing. Thank God I learned that.”

Derek S.

Ontario, Canada

The online course is jam-packed with information! I was so impressed with the quality of each lesson. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their mood and their life!

Harj B.

London, UK

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